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Giulio Zanet + Mattia Barbieri

Il Galantuomo  | 2021

Edition of 11

70 x 50 cm

Linoleum in 11 colors, with disposable and retouche à la main stencils, roller inking, offset and offset fluo inks, on 270 gr. white Sicars Graphia cotton paper, unframed.

Signed and numbered by the artists



'Edition 1+1'  commissions and produces prints & multiples by inviting contemporary artists to collaborate together.

Our mission is to spread the works of established and emerging artists through curated print editions. Art collectors can look forward to a selection of valuable, high quality hand-signed and numbered prints. 

Printmaking by Giulio Zanet and Mattia Barbieri, an exclusive collaboration between artists and the Laboratorio F.lli Manfredi's print studio in Italy.

The print ‘Il Galantuomo’ combines Linoleum in 11 colors, with disposable and retouche à la main stencils, roller inking, offset and offset fluo inks, on 270 gr. white Sicars Graphia cotton paper. The print measures 50 x 70 cm and is an edition of 11, numbered and signed.


Giulio Zanet (Italy, 1984)  realizes paintings and installations.

The pictorial practice of Giulio Zanet is a way of being in the world, an eternal attempt to understand it. Performing a process of abstraction, the artist discovers that the movement reveals an intrinsic embarrassment, a humor that echoes our own vulnerabilities. Painting is a metaphor for man in constant search for a continuous loss. His work is a survey on images, on the representation of the world, as well as the representation of ideas that find their own realization through painting.

Ambiguity and evidence, repetition, variation, rules and omissions, acceptance and rejection are elements that Zanet puts into play to bring the user to question the meaning of the work. His works do not refer to recognizable forms and the results are deconstructions of the real whose meaning opens up to possible and multifaceted interpretations.

He lives between Milan and Correggio.


Mattia Barbieri (Brescia,1985) lives and works between Milan and New York. He attended the Academy of Fine Arts of Brera where he obtained a degree of first and second level in Visual Arts-Painting.

Personal exhibitions include: 2020, ETERNO85, Virginia Bianchi Gallery; 2019, THE BUTTER MONK, Pablo's Birthday, New York; 2017, THE STARS WITHOUT THE SUNSET, Palazzo Ranzanici; 2017, TWO* THE FULL FRONTAL, Pablo's Birthday Gallery, New York, 2016 ONE* THE FULL FRONTAL, Dimora Artica, Milan; 2016, TANGO FOR THE SHADOW, Studio Maraniello, Milan; 2014, VEDUTE * THE NEW FRAGRANCE, Galleria Oltredimore, Bologna; 2013, PITTURE DOMESTICHE, Federico Luger Gallery, Milan. Numerous participations, in Italy and abroad, in group exhibitions, awards and competitions including: 2021, SALON PALERMO, Rizzuto Gallery, Palermo; 2020, HOLOMOVEMENT, Dimora Artica, Milan; 2019, VESSEL MEMORIES, The Border Gallery, Brooklyn, New York; 2019, COME TO HAVE, Archaeological Museum, Nola; IXION, THE COLLECTION, its evolution and cultural research at the service of the city, Museum of Contemporary Art of Lissone; 2014, VIII BIENNALE, MAM, Museum of Modern Art of Mantua; 2010 2nd MOSCOW INTERNATIONAL BIENNALE "Qui Vive? ": ATTENTION! BORDER CROSSING, Winzavod Contemporary Art Center, Moscow.

Winner of the Coppa Nocivelli prize in 2020 and the Lissone prize in 2012; finalist of the Cairo Prize in 2010 (Palazzo della Permanente, Milan). During Expo 2015 he collaborated and exhibited in a series of exhibitions at the Fabbrica del Vapore in Milan. He is also an active member of the editorial staff of the art magazine E IL TOPO. He has curatorial projects to his credit and has written the art column Fruit Soap for the network Undo.Net

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