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Gabriela Maciel

Gabriela Maciel (b.1975) is a brazilian multimedia artist, artistic director and independent curator based in Rio de Janeiro. She researches subjects of art, nature, technology, immateriality and transdisciplinarity and works with concepts of the natural body within the contemporary society, from microcosm to macrocosm. Her selected recent works include: “Tech Art Lab Session 1 _ Brazil – Switzerland” web residency and online exhibition (2021), supported by the Swiss Arts Council Pro Helvetia in the context of its South America programme «COINCIDENCIA»; “Changing Landscapes” web residency and online exhibition (2021), supported by the General Consulate of the Netherlands in Rio de Janeiro; “Digital Provocateurs”; “Matter/Non-matter”; “Well It’s Just and Ocean Between”; “Swipe, Baby Swipe”, among others. Her works have been shown in: Zendai MoMA, Shanghai; Purple Institute, Paris; Oi Futuro, RJ; MAR, RJ, and they have been published in: ArtNews; Transcultura O Globo; Global Times Journal, China; Swiss Contemporary Photography Association; Rumos Itaú Cultural; Labverde, among others.

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