Antonio Bokel + Marcelo Macedo

Metabiose | 2021

Edition of 16

 Photolithography cotton paper 250g

Signed and numbered by the artists

70 x 50 cm



Printmaking by Brazilian artists Antonio Bokel and Marcelo Macedo, an exclusive collaboration between the two artists, Noaddress Gallery and the Baren Studio in Brazil.

The print ‘Metabiose’ uses the technique Photolithography. The print measures 50 x 70 cm and is an edition of 16, signed.


Photo Gabi Carrera

Antonio Bokel (b. 1978, Brazil) "reveals a constant crossover between art and the fabric of urban life, as constitutive parts of its symbolic universe. It resorts to this experience of the city as existential sequences – there it builds its referential space, there it seems to invent a territory, there it intends to constitute an aesthetic and spatial extension in a broader dimension." Vanda Klabin

Over the past two decades, he has held exhibitions in Brazil and abroad. His work is currently found in the largest Brazilian collections, such as those by Gilberto Chateubriand, that of BGA Investimentos and the Museum of Modern Art of Rio de Janeiro (MAM-Rio). Antonio lives and works in Rio de Janeiro.

Photo  Carolina Kasting

Marcelo Macedo (b.1983, Brazil) mines, collects and builds. The artist moves between creating and recreating, giving new meaning to objects and/or parts of them that were discarded. From these combinations and possibilities a great puzzle is generated. As the artist himself says: in the encounters between these pieces, the objects take on a new life, in a new body. He participated in exhibitions such as “De Fora pra Dentro”, Centro Cultural dos Correios, Rio de Janeiro, curated by Carlos Bertão; “Travessia”, “Refração”, “Displaced”, P31 Júlio de Matos Psychiatric Hospital, Lisbon, Portugal, curated by Sandro Resende. He has also participated in residencies such as “FBAIr (Facebook Artist in Residence)”, curated by Jayelle Hudson; Macedo lives and works in Rio de Janeiro.