Alessandra Calò + Andrea Saltini

Il Corvo e la Fanciulla | 2019

Lithography and Solar Plate
70 x 50 cm
Paper Magnani 655, 350 gr


Edition of 30

Signed and numbered


Printmaking by Alessandra Calò and Andrea Saltini, an exclusive collaboration between artists and the Laboratorio F.lli Manfredi's print studio in Italy.

The print ‘Il Corvo e la Fanciulla’ combines lithography and solar plate. The print measures 50 x 70 cm and is an edition of 30, signed.

Calò and Saltini’s inspiration stems from memory and mystery. 

Alessandra Calò (b.1977, Italy) artist and photographer, has experimented from the beginning of her career the use of new languages ​​that allow her to deepen the themes related to memory, identity and the language of photography itself. Dominant practice in his work is the reappropriation: the recovery and reinterpretation of archival materials through which the artist does not intend to implement one nostalgic re-enactment of the past but to propose a new vision of reality. 

Andrea Saltini  (b. 1974,  Italy)  "Master of Arts”, and Master UDP Communication with the thesis entitled "How to talk dirty and influence people ".  Saltini builds through his works a playful and surreal world where logic seems to suffer from one strange form of disorientation, a micro world where everything is connected and dissociated. His paintings also include, above all, a highly poetic theater, the unsaid, a space of evocative silence, masterly built that can not leave you indifferent. 

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