Alessandra Calò

Alessandra Calò works and lives in Reggio Emilia, Italy.
Artist and photographer, she has been experimenting from the beginning of her career the use of new languages that allow her to deepen her grasp of themes related to memory, identity, and to the language of the photography itself. The dominant theme in her work is “recollection”: a state of mind combined with reality and not simply a nostalgic evoking of the past. She is passionate about old print photographic processes (silver salts, calotype, cyanotype).
She has participated in internationals residency, exhibitions and festivals such as Circulations Festival de la Jeune Photographie Européenne (Paris), Les Rencontres (Arles), Fotografia Europea (Reggio Emilia), Open House (Rome). She has realized several self published photobooks and some of her artworks have been published in specialized magazines and acquired in private collections, foundations and museums.
In 2018 she was pronounced the winner of the Prix Tribew publishing reward within Circulations Festival, in 2017 she was also awarded with the Honorable Mention at the IPA International Photographic Award and in 2016 she won the installation category of the Combat Prize.
In October 2018 the Italian Cultural Institute in Madrid is going to dedicate her a personal exhibition at Palacio de Abrantes for the XIV Giornata del Contemporaneo (Contemporary Art Day) committed to Italian contemporary artists.

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